Stoicism & Philosophy for Life: Bristol

Stoicism and the Art of Living: Externals [day course]


Sunday 10th March 2024

11am until 4pm


The Bristol Folk House, 40a Park Street, Bristol, BS1 5JG


£47.50 | Over 65s £42.75 | Benefit £38


In the words of Epictetus, "There is only one road to happiness - let this rule be at hand morning, noon, and night; stay detached from things that are not up to you." Embark on a transformative four-week online journey as we explore Stoicism as a philosophy for life, navigating the dichotomy of control and learning to detach from the external. Through thought-provoking discussions, practical activities, and timeless wisdom from Epictetus and Seneca, discover the path to serenity in the face of life's uncertainties. Join us in cultivating Stoic resilience for a more fulfilled and purpose-driven life.


To book a place on this course, you can either use the 'Book' button to take you directly to the relevant page of the Bristol Folk House's website, or you can ring the Bristol Folk House on 0117 926 2987.