Stoicism & Philosophy for Life: Bristol

Stoicism and Mindfulness: Living in Wisdom and Serenity [two-day summer school]


Monday 5th & Tuesday 6th July 2024. 10am until 4pm


The Bristol Folk House, 40a Park Street, Bristol, BS1 5JG


£119.00 | Over 65s £107.10 | Benefit £95.20


Over two immersive days, explore Stoic teachings for resilience and ethical decisions. Integrate mindfulness into daily life for serene presence. Engage in guided meditations aligning Stoic principles with mindfulness. Experience practical exercises and group discussions, harmonizing ancient wisdom and contemporary mindfulness. Elevate inner harmony and wisdom in this enlightening exploration of Stoicism and Mindfulness.


To book a place on this course, you can either use the 'Book' button to take you directly to the relevant page of the Bristol Folk House's website, or you can ring the Bristol Folk House on 0117 926 2987.