Philosophy & Literature: Abroad

Exploring Wisdom: Sufism & Islamic Philosophy [seven night course]


Starts on Wednesday 14th May 2025.

Ends on Wednesday 21st May 2025.


La Maison Anglaise Ecolodge, Rocade Taroudant, Bab Benyara, Taroudant 83.000, Morocco


Residential £720


Embark on a profound exploration of Sufism and Islamic philosophy during our six-day course. Engage in daily guided meditations, unravelling the essence of mindfulness, mystical poetry, and inner reflection. Through insightful and interactive sessions, discover the historical evolution of Sufism and its relevance to modern challenges. Join dynamic discussions on integrating Sufi principles into daily life, offering practical insights for personal growth. Immerse yourself in a week of self-discovery, cultural appreciation, and the application of timeless wisdom to navigate the complexities of the contemporary world.


To book a place on this course, you can either ring Holidays with Heart on 01239 803131 or email